Waterbed Maintenance

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Waterbed Maintenance

Mattress Pads


These are the products to keep your waterbed in good shape.  Conditioner and Bubble Stop should be

put in once a year.  Vinyl Cleaner will keep your mattress clean and conditions the outside of the mattress.

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All prices include shipping

Care Kit      8 oz. Cond   Bubble Stop         Vinyl Cleaner            2-4 oz. Cond.         2- 8 oz. Cond.

$21.89          $7.29              $13.89                  $9.49                         $8.49                      $11.29

Super Shock  Fill Kit         Fill and Drain Kit      4-8 oz. Conditioner  5-8 oz. Conditioner

$29.95             $9.49             $14.89                       $15.35                          $16.89