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This is a solid state waterbed heater.  It is for wood sided waterbeds.  It maintains a nice constant temperature and is easy to install.  Way better then the old ball and cap style.
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Calesco Waterbed Heaters
1) Safe And Reliable
Calesco Norells has been in the heater making business for 30 years, 20 of them as a  supplier of waterbed heaters to the European market, as well as having become a world leader by supplying over 20 million heaters per year to the Automotive Industry across the globe. Our design and manufacturing capabilities are driven by a philosophy of excellence, utilizing most stringent standards to test and engineer in the highest quality and safety features for your heating needs.
2) Easy Installation
Install the heater pad right side up, under the safety liner. Remove wrinkles in the mattress and liner over the heater pad. Locate the heater pad so that blankets or sheets will not be tucked in over the heater pad. Place the heater pad on a firm flat surface, not over cracks or across the gap between deck boards or split foundation bases
3) Easy To Use
You can check or change the tempreture setting on your control box even in the middle of the night. When your Calesco heater is creating warmth, a small diode is lit., telling you the unit is in heating mode. By turing the knob, you can adjust the tempreture setting. The small control unit is integrated with the heater making it watertight, and there are no extra cords to worry about or try to reach in the dark. ONE PLUG AND YOUR SNUG!
4) Temperature Selection
Once you select and set the Calesco electronic thermostat, the Control Unit maintains the water temperature within +/- 1 degree F, i room temp, to keep you cozy and comfortable until you decide to change it. The Control Unit monitors your comfort level and maintains the life of your mattress. Our solid state construction prevents those “clicking” noises so irritating in old mechanical style heaters. And with no moving parts in the temperature control unit, the expected lifetime and accuracy is greater than most competition models.
5) Patented Circuit Design
The Calesco Waterbed heater, with its patented circuit design and generous polyester insulation operates with one of the lowest electromagnetic fields available on the market today
6) Highest International Standards
Both the heater and control unit have been designed to UL 1445 standards and certified by ETL for USA and Canada. Calesco Foil adheres to ISO 9000:2000 standards to ensure quality is maintained in production and testing of our products.
7) Control Unit
The smaller design of the solid state Calesco control unit allows for passage through most waterbed frame gs with ease. Our unique control system is designed for greater comfort and lower energy consumption. The control unit is designed to resist electrical spies up to 1500V. *Note: The control unit does generate some heat and should NOT BE LEFT in contact with the mattress.
8) Longer Life
The patented design of teh Calesco Waterbed Heater maintains low, even surface temperature and low thermal expansion -prolonging the life of the heater and the mattress. Calesco heating elements have been tested according to UL 1445 standards and CSA C22.2 No.200 standards.
9) Overheat Protection
Calesco elements are protected again overheating by an automatic cut-off which is actuated by abnormal circumstances. PLEASE NOTE THAT DURING EMPTYING OR FILLING THE WATERBED. THE ELEMENT MUST BE UNPLUGGED.
10)Limited Warranty
Calesco heaters are covered by a 5 year limited, warranty to the original purchaser against product failure due to defects that are the result of labor or material. Damage that is the result of improper installation or customer abuse is not covered. Warranty covers product replacement only and is exclusive of freight charges or subsequent damage. The factory reserves the right to inspect the product before making the final determination.
* Note: Dual mattresses require 2 heaters


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 2 in


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