Large Blue Magic Waterbed Patch Kit


This patch kit has a generous tube of glue and patch material including some pre cut patches.  We will ship this out by first class mail.

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This is the large, multi-use Waterbed Patch kit, not the small one. It contains 1 oz. of fast drying adhesive and a generous supply of vinyl patch material that is 4 1/2 in x 4 in. The patch material has some pre-cut patches and part of it is solid for larger patches.  This patch kit is formulated to work with waterbeds but can be used on vinyl air mattress and vinyl pool toys also.

Cut your patch round or oval is best.  Apply a small amount of glue to the mattress and a small amount to the patch.  Press the patch over the hole and smooth out from the middle to the edges.  The glue should be wet appearing under the patch out to all the edges.  Let this dry usually in about 8 hours.  If patching a top hole you do not have to drain the bed but you do have to lift the vinyl up off of the water. If you have a bottom leak you will have to drain the bed.  Also if you have a fiber bed don’t forget to suck out all the air before turning the mattress over to avoid shifting the fiber.  I use a shop vac to get the air out.

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